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The TOPFUEL Lube Oil Additive is anti-wear agent, made of NANOMETER - level inert granules and supplementary materials. It is an engine protection reagent and also for the situation where lubricant is needed.

TOPFUEL Lube Oil Additive is 100% safe and eliminates knocking. When TOPFUEL Lube Oil Additive is added in to lubricant, the inert particles soon spread evenly in the lubricant. Microcosmically, the particles change the sliding friction into rolling friction. It can minimize the frictional resistance, reduces wear & tear, extends the taxiing range (idle running time), increases the power of engine, reduces the engine noise, life span of lube oil is doubled and reduces the fuel consumption at high speeds by big margin. The speciality of this product is; it empties along with the lubricating oil during oil change. Thus no film formulates.

The savings depends on the engine condition, road / traffic condition, direction of the wind and driving habit.
Prolongs the service life of engine by 2 to 3 times.
Saves motor fuel by 10 - 30 %.
Reduces the friction coefficient by 75%.
Provides more effective sealing protection, increase the horsepower and accelerates the startup process.
Service life of lubricating oil is increased twice.
Reduces the noise of engine, smoke & vibration.
Maintenance expense is reduced considerably.
Applicable to all automobile engines run with Petrol, Diesel, CNG & LPG fuels.
Tested at Central Institute of Road Transport - Pune.
More Mileage - More Savings - More Vroom
TOPFUEL LUBE OIL ADDITIVE is a new generation, multi-functional lube oil additive that utilizes dynamic liquid nanotechnology to deliver immediate and dramatic results that no other lube oil additive can offer.

TOPFUEL LUBE OIL ADDITIVE is an all-in-one power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, combustion chamber deposit cleaner and engine protector. It works well with all Petrol (leaded or unleaded) Diesel, LPG and CNG fuels. Perfect for all types of vehicles and engines - both new and old.
Saves fuel up to 28%:
Varies from 8% up to 28%, depending on engines, road and traffic conditions, climate and driving habits.
Increases engine power up to 20%:
Enhanced combustion allows engine to run smoother with quicker acceleration and increased power.
Eliminates engine knocks and extends engine life:
By keeping the combustion chamber clean, it eliminates engine knocks and helps maintain a quiet and smooth-running engine for a longer time
Saves on maintenance:
A cleaner engine prolongs life expectancy of the oil filter. Engine oils last at least twice thus reduces maintenance costs.
Reduces harmful emissions up to 50%:
It significantly reduce harmful emissions, resulting in cleaner air and a healthier environment.
Directions of use:
TOPFUEL LUBE OIL ADDITIVE is highly concentrated and cost-efficient. You only need 25 ml to treat 1 litre of lube oil. After filling the additive in oil sump, start the engine keep it running idle for 10 - 15 min. so that the mixing is done proper.
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