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FAQ - TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver
[What is the main function of this product on the fuel? It splits out the branch for the fuel (HC), thus improving its burning rate.]
5. Why it should not be added to readymade fuel directly (during storage)?

Too many branches of the hydrocarbon and cetane is not stable. For a long period of time, it will get back to form a big chain of the macromolecules again because of oxidization. TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver must be added to fuel when it is required to be used.
6. Scope of application.

This product is applicable to all diesel and gasoline (petrol) engines.
7. Where does this product come from?

This product stems from The TOPFUEL biochemical technology of EU.
8. Economic benefits of this product.

In point of the fuel efficiency, it can save / reduce fuel consumption by up to minimum of 15%. For every 30 liters of fuel, by adding one (crushed) tablet will economize 4.5 liters of fuel.

Economy of TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver

10. Storage

TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver can be stored anywhere - away from direct sunlight /heat. Keep out of the reach of children. This product should not be swallowed for any reason
11. Usage

* Upon first use, add 3 (crushed) tablets of TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver for the first 50-litres of fuel.

* There after add 1 (crushed) tablet during each fuelling (1-tablet per 30 litres).

* Commonly used in both gasoline (petrol) and diesel engines.
12 How does this product work?

TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver when dissolved in the fuel, its hydrogen and enzymes work to crack fuel molecules, invigorate and rearrange them chemically so that more hydrocarbon molecular chains are formed, enabling the fuel to burn fully, thus increasing the liter / kilometer ratio. In this process TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver removes the carbon deposits and makes the lubricating mechanism more efficient and enhances the engine power
Phase-1 Cleaning:
(Removing carbon deposits and lubricating mechanical parts)

In this phase, as soon as TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver gets dissolved in the fuel, it begins to clean the fuel pipe and the combustion chamber, gradually cleaning carbon deposits. Such carbon deposits get mixed with the fuel and takes part in the combustion. For automobiles with heavy carbon deposits, initially fuel consumption may increase slightly. For these automobiles, the situation is not unusual. The length of this period (cleaning) depends on the condition of automobile, age, and fuel quality. In particular, the length of the period can be affected by the different quality of fuel supplies in different areas. For an automobile in normal use whose mileage is 100,000 km but whose carbon deposits have never been removed, it takes about 10-20 TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver tablets to clean all the carbon deposits. As carbon deposit is gradually burned out, the automobile starts performing well - with low noise, higher power, and low fuel consumption.

Phase-2 Maintenance:
(Reducing fuel consumption and preventing accumulation of carbon deposits)

After cleaning, the environment inside the supply pipe and combustion chamber is thoroughly improved and the negative effects of carbon deposits are totally eliminated. From this phase onwards, the fuel saving rate will be stable, engine will have low noise, the engine starts faster, power is great, tail gas discharge will drop by a big margin and black smoke almost eliminated. The comprehensive effect of TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver will be brought into full play.
By using TOPFUEL the Fuel Saver regularly, carbon deposits will have no chance to accumulate.
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