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Digital Pressure Gauge LCD is a microprocessor based unit of a new generation, consisting of a long-term particularly steady analogical section, and of a 16-bit converter A/D, which guarantees 65,000 internal divisions.

Pressure sensors is completely executed in stainless steel to ensure a high resistance in the presence of highly dynamic stresses, and to be suitable to work in contact with aggressive substances.

These features, together with the 0.20% accuracy class, make it ideal for monitoring industrial applications and to transit data directly to the control system. The pressure gauge has internal batteries with 1 year autonomy, which is also guaranteed by the AUTO-POWER-OFF function, which activates if in 30 minutes, any measurement change is detected.

The user can select different engineering units (mbar, bar, kPa, MPa, psi), and can program different resolutions and digital filters according to the application.

In order to increase the integration level to the components, a combined traditional and SMT technology has been applied; which makes the pressure gauge more resistant against mechanical stresses and vibrations, and ensures maximum reliability of the electronic circuit. This display also shows an analog indication bar of pressure always active also into a program menu.
LCD display, high resolution, without apparent value error
Peak value recording function, record the max. pressure value during
measuring process
Pressure percentage dynamic demonstration (progress strip
Selectable ranges: Mpa, psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2
1 ~ l5 min automatic turn-off function
Micro power loss function, can work above 2 years in the electricity saving pattern
Parameter revision function, can revise the gauges zero error on the spot
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